Andrew Harmse


I met Jenni in 2016 and, having done some NLP work myself (Practitioners Course in 2013), In our time together I noticed that she doesn’t just consult in the NLP process, but lives it. The consults we have done over the years came naturally for her because she truly believes in it. It’s a way of life for her and not just something she uses for work.

Jenni pays close attention to how she interacts during consultations and makes sure she guides but doesn’t lead. She facilitates but doesn’t prescribe. She has helped my thought processes tremendously and reinforced my own training. She is respected in the NLP community and she has participated in multiple training courses in a training, grading and learning capacities.

From my experience with her, you’d be hard pressed to find someone more passionate about assisting people in being the best they can be.



Georgia Adams


I have been privileged to be coached by Jenny Nixon over a course of a year where she assisted me to unravel several mental blocks. I found Jenny to be gentle in her approach, probing with just the right questions to facilitate the

learnings I required to make the necessary shifts. Jenny is extremely

knowledgeable in her field and was most respectful in the manner in which she dealt with me as a client. Her passion to empower people is evident in her work.


Eldette Davies


When I enrolled for my NLP Practitioners course with Sedrick Theodosiou, Jenni Nixon was his NLP Training

Assistant at the time. The combination of Sedrick and Jenni provided an excellent background for all our education, learning, understanding and the training application. Jenni has always displayed a calm confidence, which is assuring without being arrogant or intimidating. Jenni is able to listen attentively, and provide assistance viewing each person as an individual and successfully speaking into the individual’s unique worldview. I was trusting of Jenni’s presence, her words and intriguing questions with what I shared, often matters close to my heart. Given I am not by

nature a trusting person; this is significant. Jenni joined the private practise group I was in, and we came to know each other outside of the ‘teach and learn’ environment. I then learnt to appreciate her ability to listen and hear what was said and unsaid; with an agnostic ear while subtly and timeously presenting curious questions allowing myself and others to consider answers we may never previously have entertained. It is my experience that Jenni raised excellent questions that lead to many an AHA moment.


From our first meeting through all the years we have known each other, I have sought her council as an NLP and business coach. I remain in awe of Jenni’s ability to separate her own feelings and thoughts, and embrace the situation at hand with poise and compassion while keeping

professionalism in place. Jenni and I stayed in contact throughout my work career from corporate and world traveller, through to becoming COO of an IT consulting house in Gauteng. Throughout this career transition, Jenni has provided coaching assistance for myself, and on a number of occasions, for staff and peers. I felt comfortable enough to refer Jenni and trust that she would be effective in the coaching engagement, which in itself is a testament to her integrity and effectiveness. While I was COO, I found myself being chief cook, bottle washer, nursemaid and lead consultant to a number of IT prima donna’s, often exasperating. That is when I particularly needed a safe ear to keep in check how I was maintaining relationships and conversations with staff, as well as business partners and myself. I have often reflected that it would be invaluable to have in-house coaching and council so staff members could engage trustingly and confidentially with a coach who allowed them to address both performances was well as personal matters in an effective manner, benefitting themselves as a person and ultimately the business at large. If budget made that possible, Jenni would immediately be my person of choice.



Roger Metcalfe


I trained with Sedrick and Jenni for the year of 2015, When I did my NLP Practitioner Training at “Inspiritu NLP”.


Jenni is attentive and was good with guiding me as I embarked into a new way of seeing the world. She allowed me to feel through the process and is a good listener, giving good feedback and instruction. She is easy to work with and someone I have kept in contact with since my training.



Nobuntu Mphlaza


I could not be not happier to give a heads up for Jenny Nixon as a NLP coach. I met Jenni during my own NLP practitioners’ course hosted by Sedrick

Theodosiou at Inspiritu NLP . She had been assisting Sedrick for a number of years after completing her own NLP course and I found her input extremely valuable to me.


Jenni is kind, passionate about NLP, she has a way to make one understand the practical part of how to apply the principles and exercises of NLP. She is gentle, approachable and demonstrates great rapport.


As a woman of colour, experiencing many issues at the time; Jenni made me feel at ease, included and was non-judgmental. She became someone I looked up to. She would often give me examples of how she applied the NLP techniques to overcome certain things in her own personal life. Which I would then go and put to practise in my own life resulting in positive outcomes.


This proves as a true testimony that Jenni doesn't only coach NLP but applies it to her everyday life. I can certainly vouch for Jenni Nixon and I can say whomever comes across her or work with her will be certainly touched by an angel.


Kevin Britz


I have had the pleasure to work with Jenni on numerous occasions.

We first met when we initially engaged in our NLP Certification 12 years ago. During the

Certification we also had the opportunity to work on our NLP processes and had wonderful

Opportunities to shift limiting beliefs

Since then Jenni and I have also had many coaching sessions to help me in my own life. I trust Jenni to make a lasting impression when working through any coaching processes. She has a wealth of knowledge and ability as a coach.


Since we have met 12 years ago Jenni is still in my life and we have built a wonderful friendship.

She has 2 beautiful children who are a testament to who she is. She my friend, my council and an example to me as a parent.

Yoke Van Dam


I met Jenni Nixon when we studied NLP together in 2012 at Inspiritu.


Throughout the years since I have been a frequent client of hers. Jenni is an incredible NLP coach. In all of my sessions with her I felt highly respected and had incredible insights, growth and change in my life. You are in special hands, book sessions with her she has helped me tremendously overcome fears, build confidence, get better clients and even attract my husband.

Her work is thorough and she keeps on growing and developing herself. I have always had the greatest amount of respect for her as a fellow NLP Practitioner and as a Facilitator.



Adrian Broom


Jenni is amazing and I can certainly recommend her to assist you in any aspects that you are currently struggling with in life. Whether it be in work, personal, social or sports. She can certainly help you take that extra step towards success. She personally helped me with my children and things they were struggling with. So comes highly recommended