What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides practical ways to change the way we think, view past events, and adjust our reactions so that we can enjoy happier, richer lives, and achieve our goals.

NLP offers a set of behavioural change tools that allow us to apply conscious reasoning to unconscious programming so that we can change the reactions and patterns of behaviour that we wish to change in our lives.

NLP is a highly effective tool when it comes to dealing with trauma related PTSD or developmental trauma. Unlike Traditional Therapy, where the clients are required to re-live the trauma as they analyse where their reactions came from and why they do what they do. NLP allows us to resolve deep-seated trauma, painful or shameful events, without to "reliving" the events in a safe and effective manner. As an effective NLP practitioner, I do not need to know the details of the event or situation that you are working with in order to help you make the changes you are aiming for so the clients is free to share only what they are comfortable to share.